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The Yeshiva University Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago (YUTMK), located on campus, represents the hybrid of YU’s Center for the Jewish Future/RIETS in affiliation with Israel’s Kollel Torah Mitzion. Families, many of whom are new to Chicago, join the Kollel, under the leadership of Rosh Kollel Rabbi Reuven Brand and Rosh Beit Midrash Rabbi Noach Goldstein.

For ICJA students, the advantage of having the Kollel in the building is tremendous. The students enjoy multi-layered interactions with the fellows, including chavrutot, shiurim and chizuk in the classroom, as well as special high school programming, such as holiday Y’mei Iyun or Breakfast & Learn..  ICJA students are uniquely positioned to interact with the fellows, with many of the most important interactions being casual encounters that happen daily in the ICJA hallways.

The Kollel programming for youth is geared at boys and girls irrespective of their school, but ICJA students are uniquely positioned to interact with the fellows.

Each week the kollel offers nearly 25 classes geared specifically to youth, women and to men, including: Torah Learning Network with chavrutot and Chinese dinner for students, Breakfast and Learn, Parsha and Pizza, machshava, Tanach, and Gemara.

For more information, go to email or contact the Kollel at 773-973-6557. Follow the Kollel on Instagram at @torahchicago or on Facebook.

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