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澳门威尼斯人网上赌场, founded in 1942, 是男女同校的高中吗, grades 9-12, offering a comprehensive dual program in General and Judaic Studies. The General Studies curriculum is designed to develop broad knowledge in the Humanities and Sciences and to prepare students to take full advantage of a university education. The Judaic Studies curriculum aims to foster a deep appreciation of Jewish learning, history, and tradition. 该学院获得AdvancEd认证.

Student Body & Faculty

The present enrollment of the Academy is 220 of whom 53 are seniors. 目前有50名教师
会员:100%获得B.A., 64% have an M.A.12%的人有博士学位.D.

Dual Curriculum

The school provides a rigorous dual curriculum college-preparatory program. All students are required to take eight academic majors through each of the four years of high school. There are four general studies disciplines and four Judaic studies including Hebrew language. Graduation requirements at ICJA are as follows: four years of English; three and half years of History; three years of Mathematics; three years of Laboratory Science; and two and half years of elective courses. There are also minor requirements: four years of physical education and one year of fine arts.

The Judaic studies program requires four years of study across four major disciplines: Talmud/Jewish Thought, Bible, 先知和希伯来语言/文学.

Academic System

学院的正式日程安排是紧张而富有挑战性的. The school day begins at 8:05AM, and ends at 5:39PM; on Tuesday and Wednesday dismissal is at 5:00PM. 我们的校历是
semester system with term grades calculated in January and June.

澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 课程时间表 | Beginning of School Day – 8:00 a.m. 提非利亚8:05.m


All students spend four years studying traditional Jewish texts in the original Hebrew and Aramaic, 包括圣经和塔木德. 从大二到大四, girls select a specialty of concentration – either Jewish Law/Thought or Talmud while boys concentrate exclusively upon Talmud. 犹太文学对犹太文本的研究, 除了它的内在价值, affords the students an intellectual exercise demanding analytical skills. This type of study takes the form of the familiar teacher-student discourse. In addition, 要求学生进行密集的自主学习, 在课堂上和课外. Instruction is individualized, and qualified students are encouraged to do advanced work. In Talmud, Jewish Law/Thought, and Bible there are both Regular and Honors levels. A major component of the program at Ida Crown is the Yeshiva University Torah MiTzion Kollel of Chicago – a post-graduate Judaic fellowship program based on campus. 除了他们自己的学术课程, these Jewish scholars from America and Israel study with our students, staff, and parents, 创造额外的学术丰富机会.


  • 需要四年的英语学习. Regular and Honors level are offered in freshman and sophomore levels, and Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement are offered in the junior and senior levels. An enriched weekly English Seminar is offered to accelerated English students during sophomore, 大三和大四.
  • All students take four years of Hebrew Language and are expected to become competent in reading, writing, and speaking. 在希伯来语中,有普通和荣誉级别.
  • Three years of Mathematics are required; however, most students choose to take four years. Mathematics is offered at four levels of increasing depth and sophistication: Concepts, Regular, Honors, and Accelerated. The curriculum includes Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and A.P. 微积分,AB和BC.
  • Three years of Science are required, although most students take four. 生物、化学、物理、理科.P. Biology, A.P. Physics, and A.P. 提供化学课程. 化学可分为普通水平或荣誉水平, 和物理可以在荣誉和加速级别. A.P. courses are offered based on student enrollment and therefore, not every A.P. 被引用的课程可以按年提供.
  • 需要三年半的历史. 大一新生学习西方文明, a survey of history and philosophy; sophomores study Jewish History; juniors study U.S. History or A.P. U.S. History; and seniors study Modern Jewish History and may enroll in A.P. 欧洲历史上.
  • 选修课包括A.P. Psychology, Psychology, Advanced Art, Film, Economics, Business Law and various STEM classes.
  • 一年的美术和驾驶教育课程.

在过去的三年里, nearly all Academy graduates have continued their education in 4-year colleges. A selection of schools they have attended includes: Barnard College, 宾厄姆顿大学, SUNY, 波士顿大学, 布兰代斯大学, 芝加哥大学, 伊利诺伊大学, Urbana, 哥伦比亚大学, 康奈尔大学, 伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校, 马里兰大学, 麦吉尔大学, 密歇根大学, 纽约大学, 西北大学, 宾夕法尼亚大学, 普林斯顿大学, 罗格斯大学, Stern College, 华盛顿大学. Louis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Yale University and Yeshiva University.


Twenty hours of 社区服务 per year are required for graduation. 学生们在社会服务机构志愿服务, hospitals, 以及在晚上和周日为残疾人举办的节目.


评分标准从A到F. Grade point average is calculated on semester grades; plus (+) and minus(-) designations have no effect on G.P.A. G.P.A. 犹太课和普通课的组合是4分吗.0加权标度. Advanced Placement, Accelerated and Honor classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale. 学生没有排名. Outside courses may be taken for credit, but do not count in the G.P.A.



澳门威尼斯人网上赌场 指导部 Director of Guidance – Ms. 苏珊·韦斯(sweiss@icja).org 773-973-1450分机. 121)


Auspices: Associated Talmud Torahs – A beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Chicago


The heavy time demands made by the dual curriculum limit the range of extra-curricular activities, but students take advantage of a wide range of school activities, 要么在上课时间, after school, or on Sundays. 下面是一些学校的活动.

男子运动:校际篮球, 校际的摔跤, 校际的棒球, 校际的越野, 校际的击剑, 校内的垒球

女子运动:校际篮球, 校际的足球, 校际越野, 校际的击剑, 校内的垒球

课外活动:AIPAC, Charlotte’s Web, 文学杂志,  《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》学生报, Student Council, Ham Radio Club, Israel Advocacy, kesheet Peer Buddies, Mathletes, 模拟联合国方案, 全国荣誉学会, Senior Leaders, Yearbook, 服务点委员会, Science Club, SAVE,  “Panim El Panim”政治意识和同伴辅导

Students may take the initiative of forming new committees and clubs by satisfying two criteria:

  1. 安排一位教师赞助人,以及
  2. 组成至少十名学生的小组

The administration encourages and promotes such student initiative.


Mr. Phil Zbaraz, Director of Student Social Services acts as informal liaisons between out-of-town parents of students who wish to board in order to attend our school. 您可以通过pzbaraz@icja与他联系.org.

对我们家来说,ICJA不仅仅是一所学校. 在ICJA的许多事情中, 我们的孩子学会尊重, 社区服务, responsibility, commitment, friendship, 以及世俗和犹太教育的卓越表现.”

——michael(1989届毕业生)和Tracy Aberman(现任父母)



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